Public Affairs

Sooner or later, almost every business is confronted by the challenges of the public policy

    A new law or regulation goes on the books, and, to your surprise, it targets your business.

    Your company or association must build broad-based public support for an issue which
    can spell the difference between profitability and loss.

    You are asked to provide major backing for a controversial new initiative or bill, and must
    quickly analyze the ramifications.

    A rival industry seeks to change regulations to allow entry into your business.

    In dealing with significant issues of public policy and public opinion, businesses,
    associations, and institutions must seek expert counsel in areas where lawyers and
    traditional public relations specialists may lack expertise.

Public affairs is a highly specialized field, and the experts on our staff offer a wide range of
skills and hands-on experience. We specialize in assisting clients in the communication of
complex issues to targeted audiences, the news media, elected officials, and to the general

Our experts at BT Public Relations have a strong track record of successful public affairs
programs in diverse issue areas ranging from private pension funds and soft drinks industry
to accize taxes and packaging. From the research and policy development stage through the
final counting of the votes, the agency's public affairs expertise provides clients with powerful
problem-solving capabilities.

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